Customizing - individual handmade Sneaker by Bear1

Sneaker Customizing means turning an unremarkable sneaker into a personalized and unique piece of wearable art.

One can  express it's passion and love for a certain person, movie, series, fanclub, art, musican, colour, motto or lifestyle with a perfect matching shoe. The basis shoe for such a project should be selected under taking account the special requirements, e.g. the colour of the outsole should fit to the choosen colourway.

Or you have a pair of sneaker which needs to be pimped. Tell Bear1 your idea and he will transfer it onto the shoe with great quality handcraft. Please consider that the material, the colour and the quality of the provided base shoe gives limitations concerning the custom work but every detail will be discussed with the customer.

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Besides customizing and creating something new, exists also the repaint and restauration part  in a customizers life.

Time and wrong storage are enemies of sneaker quality and life time. So if the favorite pair of sneakers falls apart there are a few options beside throwing them away, one of them is to invest money in the restauration of the beloved shoes. There is a solution for almost any condition.

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